Yesterday’s Post

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Yesterday’s post went awry, and the rancor has struck deeply. I find it extremely difficult to respond to the comments — those expressed online, and those expressed within email. The only comments I will address at this time are those from Dave Winer.

Dave, you say that I’m a sexist and male-basher because I spoke about you rather than to you when I pulled up previous and current weblog posts. Read the “offending” post again — all I did was describe your influence, post a previous comment that Meg made in August, post your words related to that same comment as well as the words you spoke yesterday. I then asked people to read your words.

I didn’t speak about you. You spoke about yourself.

I know that others would wish us to take a more peaceful route in our disagreement, but things were said yesterday and this morning that cannot be gainsaid. And, unlike your earlier posts from this morning, they cannot be retracted or pulled.

So be it.

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