Essential Blogging book

Weblog postings about the Essential Blogging book I’ve been discovering.

Denise noted:

Help them make the book rock (it already does), and read Rael Dornfest’s open invitation to submit your stories and tips for possible inclusion in the”Blogging Voices” chapter, still in progress.

And Ed had some good points about comparative material, including:

where are the charts comparing advantages/disadvantages of each system? the first radio chapter attemtped to show pros/cons of having your site hosted by rcs or on your own…but only for that system! an entire chapter comparing the relative merits of each system against the others is almost a necessity, no?

I hope you all are passing these on in comments at the review site as Nat may not be aware of the postings in your weblogs, though I am trying to pass them on as I find them.



AKMA writes on forgiveness:


When I say, “Forgive me,” I mean something different from “Let’s pretend it never happened,” or “It doesn’t matter,” or “Just drop it.” “Forgiving” certainly doesn’t entail forgetting, or discounting; it may be the only way to take an offense with adequate seriousness. Forgiving entails recognizing a wrong, looking at it clearly and honestly, assessing responsibility for it, and resolving not to permit that wrong to determine our lives from thence forward.


I’m taking this to heart. I truly am.

Therefore AKMA, I forgive you for not blindly taking my side on the Bird vs. Lemur fight, and for disagreeing with me about realtime blogging when everyone knows that webloggers have cats. Or something.

Just don’t ever do it again.

Photography Weblogging

More pretty pics

And then Jerry posted a new photo essay, Foggy May Morning. Very, very nice work, Jerry. But where’s Zeke?

Note to virtual neighbors:

I have a bone to pick with all of you. You’re posting wonderful writing, lovely photos, and links to interesting sites. I – in the midst of a dark and stormy night blue funk – can’t hope to keep up with all of these extraordinary offerings.

I’m working myself up into a true, Burningbird snit about all this. If you continue posting wonderous material, I might have to do Something Drastic in return.