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Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Back is still quite painful, and has now been joined by cable modem. A case of new technology on old wires — for the modem, that is, not the back. Until the repair person comes out a week from tomorrow, my online access is going to be sporadic.

Sam Ruby has provided a very abbreviated introduction to RSS. I appreciate Sam’s effort, though I think it’s important to note that the RSS 0.9x and the RSS 1.0 efforts are following two separate and not necessarily parallel paths. Small correction — I believe the original expansion for RSS was “Rich Site Summary”. (Thanks to Mark for link.)

There’s a new effort for defining weblogging data with the BlogMD initiative. I’m not sure whether the group would be interested in the RDF vocabulary I designed for ThreadNeedle. From current discussion in the associated forum, probably not.

Speaking of which: the active effort of embedding RDF (data) for ThreadNeedle in each weblog posting is out — doesn’t work with existing weblogging tools. I’m now working on a webbot and scanning for links and building discussions from same, which will then be stored in a respository. From this I will then generate RDF documents of a discussion.

Frankly, after the rather unenthusiastic response I’m seeing with TrackBack, I’m not sure weblogging really needs or wants some of the technology the techies keep wanting to provide.