Pilgrim’s rock

One year ago today, Mark Pilgrim set a dangerous precedent: when told by his boss to remove his weblog or else he would lose his job, he said no, and was fired. Defying management was bad enough, but to make matters worse, since that fateful day Mark has enjoyed success after success — a better job, respect and success online, even getting engaged.

Mark, that’s not how these things are supposed to happen. When management gives you an order, you’re supposed to grovel; and if you don’t and get fired, you’re supposed to end up on the street, destitute, homeless, begging lattes on the street corner.

Next thing you know, with the example you set, all workers are going to want to be treated with dignity and respect. Sheesh!

You’re a dangerous man, Mark. And only your kitty and I and every corporate manager in America knows it.

Critters Technology

Cats and computers

I’ve been having considerable problems with my Dell laptop keyboard. Several of the keys (SHFT, CTRL, and ‘c’) only work if you pound them, hard, and the ‘a’ key keeps repeaaaaaaaaaaating.

Thinking that the keyboard needed cleaning, I grabbed an index card and started digging around underneath the keys.

Cat hairs. Thousands and thousands of cat hairs. Underneath every key is a little wad of silvery fur. Even after I removed about a cat’s worth of fur, I still had to pound the ‘c’, and the ‘a’ still keeps repeating, because I can’t get out all the aaaaaaaat haaaaairs.

Today the decision about getting a new keyboard was made for me when I clicked the ‘a’ key and the top went flying off across the room.