New tech toys

I love technology that not only is free, it can satisfy even the most dedicated tweaker. I just upgraded to the recent release of Firefox, and have been exploring all the many extensions to the browser, including the rather amazing Web Developers toolbar.

At one point, I had so many toolbars open that the browser space was limited to a thin strip at the bottom. Thinking that this might defeat the original purpose of the tool – it being a browser – I turned off the visibility to all but the Navigation Toolbar, and that nifty web development toolbar.

I’ve also been creating search engine plugins for Firefox, including one for my own weblog. Heck, I just know that readers will want to know what I’ve said on any particular topic, so feel I am providing a real service with this addition. (Other WordPress sites can do this easily, by copying my plugin and replacing the relevant information).

Since not everyone will consider me the definitive expert on all subjects – and why is that? – I’ve also created a TechnoratiBloglines, and a Nationmaster search engine plugins. I’ve sent all three of these into the Search Engine site (though I imagine other versions have been created and sent it and just haven’t been posted yet).

That Nationmaster search engine is for a site I stumbled across that aggregates information and statistics about all the nations–providing comparison data, as well as an encyclopedia. Fascinating and useful resource. For instance, check out this comparison of the most militaristic nations.

Critters Just Shelley

Last Firefly

The weather has been unseasonably cool and dry this week, which has helped to keep the bug life down; every last biting, stinging, sucking, buzzing, feeding, crawling, creeping, icking, disease carrying bit of it.

However, last night while out walking I was surprised to spot what must be this year’s last firefly hovering in the trail ahead of me. As I drew near, it flashed once, briefly, but with no real enthusiasm. I stopped for a moment to appreciate the little creature, feeling a strange sense of kinship with it: it being the last firefly of the season; me being a 49 year old, non-Christian, liberal single woman living in Missouri.

Just Shelley

Summer break

In addition to our political views, Mark Morford from the Chronicle and I have something else in common this morning: we’re both suffering from injured wrists. More than that, we’re both taking a break from our writing: Morford because of his wrist; me because damn, but I’m tired.

My writing has been uninspired, my camera busted, and even my code sits there going, “Can you give me one good reason why I should run?” Uppity code is a sure sign that you’re overdue for time away from the keyboard.

I have some writing to do for American Street and then I’m going to see what kind of mischief I can get into that doesn’t involve the computer.

Be good. Be well. Kick butt.