Time lapse photography

Photojojo has written a guide to time lapse photography that seems to be very comprehensive.

I’ve not tried time lapse, other than perhaps a photo over a few seconds. It’s an interesting art form, and one that really does require some forethought — after all, typically you’re leaving a camera in one place. Even if you aren’t leaving your camera in one place, you have to ensure that the camera is placed just so for each shot.

One of the best examples I’ve seen is this YouTube movie: Noah Takes a Shot of himself every day for 6 years complete with music.

The music was created by Carly Comando, and it’s really beautiful, but I could swear I have heard it elsewhere, and no not in the Simpson’s recreation of Noah’s work. I think it was in a movie. If it was the same song played in the movie, it was just as compelling. I plan on buying the song at iTunes, eMusic, or Amazon–wherever I can find it.

Burningbird RDF


A couple of people have noticed the new look for the weblog, including the stripes. They’re now mentioned in my will.

After much fussing around, I took my color sampling of the photo and used it to create five stripes, each with a different color sampled from the photo, and created a stretch header. I also removed the comment graph. I found the graph to be too distracting, in more ways than one. First of all, it cut across the photo. Secondly, it was like watching your favorite aunt’s heart monitor as she lay on a hospital bed: will it beat, or not? Will it? Won’t it? Will it? Won’t it?

Really, the only heart that should beat in this space is my own.

My next twistie is I’m adding metadata using the RDF in the EXIF portion of the photos in order to drive out a footer to go with the header image. Remember, I can drop my photos into a folder and they’re automatically included, code pulling out color, size, and now metadata in order to ‘present the page’. Is the information cached? Sure–within the photo, each of which becomes a little mini-dataset.

Legal, Laws, and Regs

Senator McCaskill supports Arbitration Fairness Act of 2007

I’m a happy camper. I just received an email from Senator McCaskill’s office that the good Senator is supporting the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2007. I know my House Rep, Carnahan is on board. Now, I have to decide if I want to beard our state’s Republican senator, Kit Bond, on the issue.

Something about pigs flying, or hell freezing over, or something like that.

Social Media

Kevin tweets

I may have to break my “No Twitter” zone just to read Kevin Marks. Yesterday he came up with, It’s an ad feminam attack which, frankly, I will make use of in the future. Then today:

Yes, it’s web 2.0 misanthropy week. Who else is sounding like Scrooge?

Well, me in a way. I’m tired and it shows. I’m heading into my weblog’s seven year anniversary, but my shelf life feels like six. I also reacted to one person, who I should have ignored. Then I used that person to tar and feather the rest of weblogging, which, though isn’t necessarily undeserving, isn’t particularly useful in the long term.

Who is wrong?

Everyone. They’re all bastards.

Oh. Well I guess we don’t have a starting point for improvement, do we?

But, you know, the snow has been pretty. My cat is cute. I have friends, virtual and otherwise. And we’re not being blasted to death by radiation from a nearby black hole. We’re ahead.