A note on comments

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I noticed increased rumblings in Planet Intertwingly against anonymous commenters. I maintain a short lease on anyone commenting who doesn’t provide a real email address or who I don’t know, primarily because I don’t know if the person is putting an innocuous comment in to bypass ‘must have approved comment’ security for later spam. Other than that, though, I’m not adverse to anonymous comments.

I have, however, put all comments into moderation. I’m still attempting to make the comments XHTML-bullet proof, and ‘bad’ characters or markup in a comment breaks the page for everyone. With moderation, I can catch such breakage before it hits the published page. When I feel I have robust filters in place, I’ll turn open comments back on.

In addition, comments about spelling or grammatical errors, as well as those noting problems with the site technology, while appreciated and welcome, won’t be published. I consider comments of that nature more of a private note to me.

Yes, the SVG clock now reflects your time, not mine.

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