About my healthcare exchange promise—I lied

I promised you wouldn’t write about the Healthcare Exchange…but I lied.

Today, I am officially enrolled in an affordable healthcare plan via the federal Healthcare Exchange.

Though the GOP has worked tirelessly to ensure I not get this far, I persevered and made it. Though I realize the GOP is still doing everything in its power to ensure I don’t have healthcare coverage come this January, at this moment, I am covered. I have what every Republican Congressional member has, but doesn’t want me to have: healthcare coverage.

I will be able to go to the doctor when I’m sick. I will be able to get the medical care I need in order to survive. And I won’t be filing for bankruptcy if I do get sick.

My statement to the GOP on Twitter was heartfelt but a little severe. I want to take this time to provide a more measured statement…

For years you tried to stop me getting healthcare coverage, but you have failed. You actually brought the government to the edge of financial disaster to keep like me from getting healthcare coverage, but you have failed. Even now, you’re scrambling to file lawsuits in attempt to prevent me from having healthcare coverage, but those are tomorrow’s battles. For today, you can’t take away my healthcare coverage, and you have failed.


Neener neener.

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Now, I return to my previously made promise to not talk about the Healthcare Exchange.

Thank you.

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