After the floods

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

The Great River Road is re-opening in Illinois, much to the relief of folks in towns like Grafton, which are dependent on the summer tourist trade. In fact, if you’re looking for a summer activity that doesn’t require you to drive too far, a visit to some of the towns cut off because of the flood would not only be fun for you, it would help these towns recover the losses they’ve suffered the first few months of summer.

Not every place is ready to open for business. The folks on the Missouri side, at Winfield, are asking for donations of cleaning supplies, drinks, and snacks at various local firehouses in the St. Louis area. Cash donations are also accepted if you don’t live in the local area. Energy drinks would be particularly welcome, as the weather is hot and humid, and when you sweat a lot, you have to replace the lost potassium and electrolytes. If you plan on donating supplies, you might want to call, first, to find out what is most needed.

The Missouri Humane Society is really hurting for cash, and needs donations. The organization has already overspent its budget rescuing critters from the floods, and providing temporary housing for pets of flood victims. In addition, the Society is overrun by cats and dogs (and other animals) that now need a new home. Summer is actually not a bad time to adopt a new pet— you have plenty of time to become acquainted

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