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Afternoon tea

Today I had afternoon tea with a close friend of mine who was in town visiting family. Lisa’s from Boston and we both have a thing for traditional English teas.

We went to the Hyatt Plaza in San Francisco’s financial district. The hotel had very few people about — a result of the times, unfortunately. Lisa and I were the only two people to show up for tea, and the hotel personnel weren’t sure where to seat us.

However, once seated — in all our splendid lonesome glory — we were given superb service and an excellent tea. The person who waited on us (and I have a suspicion she might be one of the hotel management folks) apologized because we had to wait for the scones at one point — 5 whole minutes. Once we buried our faces into hot, flaky scones, with Devonshire cream and fresh strawberry preserves, however, all was forgiven.

At the end of the tea, our “waiter” told us that the tea was no charge: the hotel’s way of apologizing for the confusion in the service. We were totally blown away because the tea was excellent!

If you live in the San Francisco or Bay area, do me a favor and stop by the Park Hyatt and have tea or lunch — they’re a class act, and they can use a little support now from the community.

P.S. Still trying to get my previous Blogger templates and archives into my new Greymatter setup. Probably take a day or two.

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