Zeldman CNet interview

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Never noticed this CNet article with Zeldman before. Hmmm. Seems as if the questions the interviewer is asking echo things — such as the WSP organization not being that much of an influence with Microsoft, but having a negative influence with the Netscape 6.0 release — that I’ve been saying lately. Guess my interpretation of the WaSP’s efforts in the last year or two isn’t all that unique or that unusual.

One thing I have noticed recently — my background is in computer systems and developing software, and I’ve been working in this field long before the Web came along; Zeldman’s, along with many (not all) members of the WSP, have backgrounds in print or art or graphics, and drifted into technology through interest in the Web. Perhaps that’s why there’s a lack of common communication: I can’t understand how these people can’t adapt to the differences in Web user agents, and they can’t understand why I’m not as uptight about standards adherence as they are.

As any experienced software or device driver developer can tell you, standards go only so far.

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