April fine

Turning to a more enjoyable topic, the spoof sites that have popped up today are works of art.

First, American Street has a new look and new name. Be sure to check out the ground breaking book on email–how to read, how to delete. Then there’s the Michelle Maklin site (created by that leftist pinko commie Pablo lovin’ freedom speaking and *horrors*, knitterfeministe), and a classic: BoringBoring!*.

Yesterday, Pat Buchanan had salad dressing thrown in his face at a college campus. This wasn’t really funny (though this caption contest at Michele’s is), and a pretty stupid way to make a point (let ‘em talk, I say; Buchanan humiliates himself just fine). But I found the weblog that wrote an April Fool’s weblog post basically stating that “Today, salad dressing; tomorrow, guns” to be hilarious.

Hmmm. What’s that you say? This wasn’t a spoof? He’s an actual professor of law at UCLA?

Wow, guess the joke is on me.

And then there’s a new twist on “jumping the shark”.

(Thanks to Euan for pointing out the site.)

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