Are Web Services ready for the Web

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

The headline at reads “Are Web Services Ready for the Web?”

This really annoyed me. Last time I heard, there was a web before Microsoft. And there will be a Web in spite of Microsoft. So the company outreached itself with .Net My Services. Well, that’s not surprising considering how little trust the world has in Microsoft to keep the data safe, as well as not use it inappropriately.

However, smart move on the company’s part now. Instead of trying to bull through with a business model that’s both confusing as well as problematical, Microsoft is going to come to the public with its hat in its hand and say “Well, we’re not sure where to go just yet. We’ve made mistakes.” After endearing themselves to all the people with these heartfelt sentiments, the little MS sharkies will sit back and watch to see how other companies fill the gap with workable and non-workable business models, and then swoop down and pick and choose among the approaches.

Deja Vu, all over again.


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