Attack of the Techie Woman

All that discussion about weblog statistic programs and Perl and Python in the last posting. I’m finding this incredible urge to tweak coming over me. The last time this happened, I hit FreeBSD Ports with a vengence and almost maxed my server installing goodies. And play, play, play, play!

I am Techie Woman! Hear me Code!

Playtime for Burningbird today consists of:

— playing with Redland the RDF Application Framework with APIs written in Python, Perl, Tcl, and Java

— Snooping around my server using SAINT to sniff out my network weaknesses, being very careful not to _accidentally_ sniff around any other network as this could be considered a violation of anti-hacking laws

— working on my RDF content management system, making the move to Tomcat and JSP using Jena (nummy)

All of the above necessary work to do for my books.

Don’t you love it when the work you should be doing and the work you want to be doing all come together at the exact same time?

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