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Audience Matters

Steve, in an uncanny knack for putting his finger on the real issues, touched on what I think is the key aspect impacting on the type of writing we do within a weblog — the audience. And this includes audience expectations. It’s difficult writing War and Peace and have it fit comfortably within RSS feeds focusing on the War in Iraq and how sexy one’s boobies are.

I’m going to write something longer on this later, and then we’ll see if the conversation about writing continues or falters and trickles off as so many conversations do among the weblogs.

In the meantime, I have to go get a Trip Tik for my trip to San Francisco tomorrow, as I start what I call The Moving Adventure:


Trip 1. To San Francisco in Golden Girl to re-organize material in storage unit, deciding what to keep and what to give away. Stuff GG full and come home.

Trip 2. To San Francisco in Blue Beast (roommate’s blue van) to haul home as much stuff as I can. Also having person come out and haul bed to dump and rest of stuff to shelters in area for use. Donate books.

Trip 3. To San Francisco in Blue Beast, haul other stuff.

Possible Trip 4. To San Francisco in GG, grab rest of stuff, close unit, head out into sunset, drive to parts unknown.


I can make it to San Fran in 2 days going out, 3 days coming back. Most of the trips will be either 6 or 7 days, and I’ll be on the road, a lot, in the next few weeks. Won’t be blogging as much, but will try and do some quality blogging between trips.

Speaking of weblog: My lease with my web host ends the end of April. I’ve had a couple of very kind and generous friends offer to help me out with a new host because I can’t afford hosting my sites any more. But at 12+GB of bandwidth used a month, hosting me isn’t trivial. With other things in my life demanding attention now, and while I work through hosting issues, my site(s) might go dark for a time. Possibly longish time.

But you can’t keep a bird down too long. Especially one that rises from the ashes.

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