Back to important stuff

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Well, enough of the poetry stuff, let’s get back to the important stuff — blogshares!

I’m getting shares in weblogs as gifts from folks. I’m new to this subterranean culture — is there some etiquette to blogshare giving? Is giving a person one share of your weblog’s stock a new calling card of capitalism?

And I’m now the second best player for May, and I have no idea of why. It’s fun, though. Especially torturing Dorothea with lyrics from old 80’s shows, until she cracks under the pressure and sells me shares in her weblog. I am a ruthless entrepreneur.

I have something fun I’ve been working on the last couple of days I need to finish, but other stuff keeps intruding. There’s fun stuff, such as exactly what Evil Twin would do with a course called Nature, Nuture, Nonsense. And then there’s less fun stuff, such as an accusation about non-objective coverage of RSS on the part of O’Reilly authors. Such as myself. With this one, though, I think my best bet is to focus on fun, rather than tired, worn out fights.

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