Barrel Report: A tired third edition

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I went searching for anything of news to post here in the Bb Gun, but all I kept thinking as I reviewed the stop stories is: God, I’m bored.

How many times must Niall Kennedy change jobs before it gets to be old news?

How is releasing new information, or even searchable databases, from the AOL leaked search results a noble thing?

Even the Technorati weblog count: I had a Karate instructor tell me once that the Japanese word for three is the same as the word they use for 10,000. I can see that Dave Sifry and I shared the same karate instructor.

Scoble is like, Scoble, who?

ValleyWag hires Beth Gottfried as writer/intern, and she does a good job on the now-infamous Through the Green Background, Web 2.0 blogumentary. Still, I would have smiled a happy smile if she had made even an oh so brief mention of the fact that women were pointedly not included in this little cluster fu…excuse me…self-congratulatory, self-promoting piece of tripe.

Sigh. It’s all so innocuous.

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