Being deliberately attacked

I am being deliberately and systematically attacked through my comments in order to force them off.

Since I have no effective comment management, and no known comment spam technique will work, no not even mt-blacklist with this one, I have no choice but to turn off comments.

This attack is from the kiddie script that was found at slashdot, and yes, they are using proxies to pull in different IP addresses. Note, they change the URL to something completely nonsensical with each iteration, as well as the text of the comment. They are not going through the HTML, but are hitting mt-comments.cgi directly.

To repeat mt-blacklist will not work because the URLs are not on the list. In fact, it could quickly make matters worse, unless there’s a generic throttle built in. Also note, the changes made in MT 2.661 will not stop this attack.

Thanks to the amazing Phil, who I hope won’t mind that I don’t link him thus making him a target, I have some code to incorporate that will at least make bad boys have to wash their hands, first, before sitting down to dinner.


Stavros got hit through the trackback to me. He left several of the troll spoor for people to ooh and ahh. However, I loved Phil’s and Stav’s comments at the beginning of the list. They do a most beautiful sneer.

I love these guys – they make all of this fun instead of annoying. Which just goes to show that the trolls can’t ever win if you keep your sense of humor. And that’s the true ’social’ solution to this social software problem, isn’t it?

That and good friends.

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