Just Shelley

Blew it

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I didn’t want to say anything before hand but I had an interview with Anhueser-Busch today. It was a J2EE developer position, and the location was ten minutes from my house.

I met with the manager and four other people, and they started asking about EJB containers right off the bat. And I froze. I completely froze.

I couldn’t remember anything about Java, J2EE, design patterns, any of that. I know the stuff. Hell, I can sit here now and answer any one of the questions asked then. But in the room, where it mattered, I kept having to say “I don’t remember”.

I could answer the XML and the C# and the other questions, but I kept drawing a blank on the Java. I know Java, but I just couldn’t remember in the interview. Nothing. All of it became a blank.

It became so embarrassing, but the people were just so incredibly kind. And that made it worse, because I would have liked to work with them. I can’t stand this worrying about money. About paying bills.

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