Gary, one of my favorite webloggers has a new idea (which should strike terror in the hearts of everyone who knows him) — a blogtank, equivalent to a weblogging think tank.

I like the premise of proposing a topic, and then seeing how different people respond to it. I’m just not sure about all those webloggers’ thoughts all smooshed on to one page.

One of the advantages of separate weblogs is that you, the reader, have a moment of time as you traverse from one weblog to another, giving you a brief respite to clear your mind of one person’s particular weblogging style before going to another person’s. Something equivalent to the sherbert in multi-course meals, served to clear the palette between courses.

Switching between weblogs, waiting for the load, finding the newest posting admist the unique decor — weblogging shebert. Blogbert.

At this moment there are already 10 postings from a variety of people, each funny and interesting when viewed individually. However, without blogbert, the words form a synthesized message equivalent to:

    • Thrilling Spawn, reveal your special powers, getting switched is on order.
    • I am an interruption. Ooooo. Where else but the web?
    • Flexibility seems to go with the decor. And hot new superheroconsultants take care — this is bigger.
    • Fuck that, homies, to the sound of a rocking chair and knitting.

What think?

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