Just Shelley

Breaka de web

I finally uploaded chapter 7 for the reviewers, and was it a difficult chapter to do. The topic has to do with breaking the web with Ajax, putting it back together again, and what are known as ‘single-page’ applications.

After thinking on it for days, and looking at some extraordinarily torturous ways of patching together kludgey fixes, I finally realized that either you create pages that do well when scripting is disabled, and then add the bits; or you just accept that the application breaks the web and accept the consequences. Personally, I believe that 99.999% of Ajax applications have no justification for completely breaking the web. But, I’m a stick in the mud.

Tired stick in the mud. All I have left is the remaining portions of the last few chapters and then I’ll be done with the draft. I have a wonderful group of reviewers who will then help me see the many errors of my ways, and I’m looking forward to their efforts. When we’re finished, I’ll list out the folks who are helping, who will also get effusive thanks in the book.

Once the editing is done, my god I’ll be able to turn off my computers. Get out of my chair. I want to hit the trails for three months solid.

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