Just Shelley

Grilled Cheese

I like my cheese sandwiches grilled, with slices of bread and butter pickles. Or with ham on sour dough.

I spent the day completely tearing apart my bedroom/office, moving tables around so that I have my PC laptop on one side of my TV and my Powerbook on the other. With the DVI to HDMI connection for the Mac, and the VGA connection for my PC, I can watch movies from either machine. I’ve found that the PC does better with the ripped or downloaded movies and TV shows, while the Mac does better playing actual DVDs. Even getting one of the cheapest HD LCD televisions on the market, shows look great on my TV.

Both computers can now also share the three external storage drives, so I don’t have to swap them around.

I have a nice Logitech speaker set hanging on the wall, with a base unit that can shake the apartment. It’s connected to a control where I can flick a switch to go from speaker to headphones, without having to plug or unplug cords. I do believe I have a great setup now.

I also flipped my mattress today, which is a bit much and normally I get my roommate’s help. However, I gave it a shot and I must say that it does my heart good to see how much entertainment I gave Zoe, my cat. As soon as I had it vertical, she was up that like a tree, and absolutely delighted with the experience. I left it balanced against the wall while I moved other things about.

Today was the first day I had seen the instinctive protective behavior that cats exhibit when they’re stuck or hurt. They’ll hide pain or problems because to show either encourages other cats to attack them. Zoe was up on the mattress, sharpening her nails when she got one snagged. I moved towards her to help, but when she saw me approaching, she laid her body down across the stuck paw and gave me a look like she hadn’t a worry in the world. I left her be and she worked her claw loose on her own.

She’s now being treated for arthritis, which she also tries to hide from the roommate, but has let me see (me being Mom). It also looks like we may be faced with the beginning of kidney failure. She is, after all, 14 years old. She’s still my kitten, though.

I also did 6 loads of laundry, being down the last of my unmentionables. My roommate says this is too much sharing, but I say, “Fah, never too much”. I use a lavender scented laundry soap and hang many of the all cotton items up to dry in the kitchen area. Smells wonderful.

The laundry room is two blocks away, down a hill, and I hand carried the loads back and forth. That combined with changing all the furniture, flipping the mattress, and scrubbing my room down has left me barely able to move tonight. I do this every time I finish a book draft or meet a major contract deadline. I just let my mind take a holiday while I exhaust the body.

Now I’m doing what always do after finishing a tough job, post body exhaustion: watching Firefly, reading weblogs, eating juice popsicles.

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