Breaky Parts

My roommate flies in tonight and I pick him and the friend that traveled with him up at the St. Louis airport. However, he called to say the flight from Portland to Chicago was going to be late, and I’ll need to use the online airline system to track the flight, see if he makes the connection to St. Louis. Unfortunately, just, after he hung up, the internet connection went dead.

I dig around and find a phone number for the airline and call the flight status line. Instead of a person, I get a recording, one of those that ask you to say your options.

“Please enter your flight number”


“That’s flight 893 on August 12th. Is this correct?”


“I’m sorry. Please speak your flight number again.”

“6 9 3″

“That’s flight 69C. Is this correct?”


“I’m sorry. Please speak your flight number again.”

“6 9 3!”

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t understand you. Could you repeat the number please.”

“6 9 3!”

“That’s flight 893. Is this correct?”


“I’m sorry, but that’s not a valid flight number. Would you like to speak to a company representative?”

As I was waiting for a company representative, the Internet connection came back on and I could look up the flight. Due to flight congestion, the plane is late, and they’ve missed their connecting flight. Now I wait to hear when they’re coming in. I wonder if they’ll be in before or after my nightly fire alarm beep test?

All I’ll say, is never piss off the Little People.

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