Browser breakage

NJ Meryl has been having some interesting challenges accessing a specific web site so she tried accessing it using an older browser – Netscape 3.x to be exact. Well, as she found out, Burningbird breaks with Netscape 3.x.

My reaction? No offense to the world, but I could give a flying squirrel (this is a polite euphemism you understand) if a 3.x browser can’t access this site. And the person trying to access the site with Lynx might as well give up now, too.

I’ve been working the cross-browser and cross-version issue since the first release of IE in the 1995/1996 time period (can’t even remember specific date any more), as shown in this old article at Javacats that I had to pull from the Wayback Machine, Netscape Navigator’s JavaScript 1.1
vs Microsoft Internet Explorer’s JScript
. And this is only the start of articles and two books on the subject of cross-browser and cross-version problems. Long before XML, XHTML, CSS and the like. Back in the good old days when we got excited about the FONT tag, and wanted to lynch the idiot that invented BLINK.

I have a set of cross-browser DHTML objects that have successfully ported from the 3.x browsers to working with Mozilla, Netscape 6.x, Opera, and IE 6.x. That’s a lot of time for one set of objects. Want to see them work? Try the Adobe PhotoShop Demos, the Dr. Dotty Games and the very popular Match Game.

Here, I don’t want tech. Here I want everything in the world but tech. Not that I don’t love tech — I do. But I need a break from it. You can get tech at my other web sites. Here, there be nonsense. Unreadable in 3.x nonsense.

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