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Bulgaria, Romania, …and Missouri?

The New York Times has an interesting story on the absolutely horrible movies that the Sci-Fi channel has been putting out every week. While I won’t say that these are the only reason I’m quitting cable, the are a reason to quit cable. Especially when I found out that Sci-Fi is marketing these movies at a specific demographic: women, 25 to 54 years of age. Not, contrary to popular myth, 14 year old boys; 14 year old boys who are, we presume, out breaking the law on a Saturday night rather than at home watching really bad movies.

No, women between 25 and 54. So much for Bridges of Madison County.

The article is a good read, though it does require login (if you don’t have a NYT login, email and I’ll send you a copy). My favorite quote from the article:

Shot on budgets ranging from $1 million to $2 million, Sci Fi’s movies are made in money-saving locales like Bulgaria, Romania and Missouri.

I’m sure I’ll eventually be offended by this…when I stop laughing.

(Thanks to Slashdot for the needed light moment.)

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