Quick Links. Was it good for you?

I’m suffering a fairly major allergic reaction to either bug bites or plant allergens (can’t tell which, as they look like bites, except they’re far too numerous). As a consequence of same, I may not be posting anything of any length for a few days. I have a couple of things in work, but I’m foggy and tired and not with it, and my head is going to explode momentarily.

Normally I wouldn’t write this, but I’m following a new policy of never writing anything that could be considered ‘news’. The personal details of my life, my health, my altercations with the flora and fauna of Missouri, the quest for rain, and even my sex life definitely qualify as ‘not news’.

Well, if I had sex with a President, it would be news. But I don’t see this happening in the near future. In fact, I just realized something: there isn’t a single politician who I consider to be ‘hot’. Not a one. I wonder what happened to the sexy politicians? I wonder what happened to me?

In the meantime, some links to readings that will be working their way into upcoming posts and/or I just wanted to link because it felt so good:

Dori Smith: Invisible? Confused with others?. Dori, what you need to do is use really big font for the tech stuff.


A call for Dude Bloggers. Yes, even the girly dudes.


Dare Obasanjo’s Microsoft and Innovation: Always ahead of its time or Bad Marketer. Uhm, door number three?


Watermark’s Yesterday, on life and the end of life. (Hang in, SB.)


Another secret fan of Hurricane Dennis. So far, we’ve had a lot of clouds, but little action. I’d do a rain dance, but I’m afraid I’d scare the neighbors.



A story of a pen and how there is a person studying Japanese somewhere who is really dumb.


Dave’s Honor and Karl’s followup. The start of what could be a very good discussion.


Can I use the word “discussion” in a weblog?


As you already know if you read this blog at all regularly, I tend to be obsessive. Nooooo, really, Loren? All friendly teasing aside, I like Loren’s pictures, especially when he adds little tidbits of info with them. Same with Bill, who has reached the mid-summer gardener’s crises.


Speaking of which, I entered a couple of photographs into the Missouri State Fair. I won’t win, but I thought it would be fun to participate in a State Fair. I’m thinking of baking a pie for one of the cooking contests; I make a killer apple pie.


I love State Fairs. Who says you can’t go home again?


First, though, I’m going to go work for eBay.


One man who doesn’t need eBay, Doug will be posting a new photo of himself wearing a suit and tie, with Oxford button down shirt and penny loafers, to go with his new position. Congrats, Doug! Just remember: bear grease goes a long way with squeeky loafers.

As for employment situations for tech women, actually, Catarina, we’re leaving the field because we heard that Wal-Mart pays better, and gives away free jars of pickles to its employees.


Watch the head lemur shingle! Hammer, nail, cut, trim! Frankly, I find the idea of the head lemur holding both a hammer and a saw to be vaguely disturbing.


Phil Ringnalda should be on his annual fishing trip and retreat from the online world right about now. I think for grins and giggles, we should go into Phil’s site and leave comments on a post — any post — the DC post quoting our favorite comic book characters.


By the way, I found a wonderful, wonderful collection of photos documenting a bike rider’s Katy Trail ride in 2002. After the Slashdot trashing of Missouri, it’s good to see something positive about the state.


This is the type of photography I want to do: telling a story with my pictures. The composition, and the mechanics, and the lens and the camera, these don’t matter. What matters is the story.


When you’re halfway through a trail, it’s good to be reminded why you started. I started because of the story.

There goes the head. Back soon.

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