Bunnies again, but this time Six Bells Farms

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.


I seem to be getting links to cruelty cases related to bunnies. The most recent was a link about a bunny mill that was raided in Colorado, and the owner charged with cruelty. The mill is named Six Bells Farm, and the owner is Debe Bell. More on the story in The Denver Post.

Bell states to publications that she sold rabbits as meat, not pets, but her own web site proves this isn’t true. Sheriff’s deputies and animal control found 25 dead bunnies on the property, and Bell stated that she was holding the dead bunnies to donate to a zoo. However, no reputable zoo would take meat from rabbits that died from unknown causes, and she’s not identified the zoo.

Three vets that attended the raid have stated that the animals were not in good condition, and needed immediate help. Bell’s neighbor stated that this couldn’t be true–and of course, I’m sure she’s more knowledgeable than three veterinarians. No reason to be biased, either.

Puppies…bunnies…. No animal should be treated cruelly in mills, roadside zoos, or the other places where greedy people prosper from animal suffering. I’ve extended the scope of this site to cover other types of animals, as well as other types of places that the USDA monitors, such as the deplorable roadside zoos found in too many states. My primary interest is still in closing down puppy mills in Missouri, but all these critters need all the champions they can get.


Denver Post article states that the bunnies should be available for adoption soon. As for the condition of the rabbits when they were taken from Bell:

The shelter is caring for 154 of the animals. Strickland said when the shelter received the rabbits July 21, many couldn’t urinate or defecate because their fur was so matted.

I tried to get a copy of the court case, but Colorado has subcontracted out its court access to a company, Acxiom ( The prices are outrageous, the site primitive, and the design of the system is hopelessly flawed. I’m so thankful that Missouri takes its commitment to open records seriously and provides an excellent no-cost court case record system.

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