Bunnies Again

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Puppies…bunnies…. No animal should be treated cruelly in mills, roadside zoos, or the other places where greedy people prosper from animal suffering. I’ve extended the scope of this site to cover other types of animals, as well as other types of places that the USDA monitors, such as the deplorable roadside zoos found in too many states. My primary interest is still in closing down puppy mills in Missouri, but all these critters need all the champions they can get.

More at Puppies at Burningbird.

Another bunny mill story, but this time in Colorado. One angora pulled from a cage in the 85+ degree building was so covered in matted fur that you could barely see its face. As the sheriff stated, not only were the rabbits thirsty, they were “aggressively thirsty”.

I’ve decided to extend the scope of Puppies at Burningbird. It’s still Puppies at Burningbird, but now covers other critters in addition to puppies. Because all of these critters need all the champions they can get.

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