Burningbird Network Move

This weblog and the rest of the existing Burningbird Network/Wayward Webloggers are moving to a new server this next week. As usual with a move, DNS changes take time to propagate so any comments made may mysteriously disappear during the move.

This weekend I’m moving Burningbird, For Poets, the RDF and photo sites, Joe DuemerFarragoMike Golby and Si (AKMA’s son).

Next week, I’ll be moving Emptybottle (aka Stavros aka Chris)Loren Webster and Michael O’Connor Clarke.

We have new webloggers coming on board, including Frank Paynter, who should be livening up our environment considerably.

I’ll be posting notes and status of moves to the Renaissance Web site as I progress.

I am disappointed to be leaving our dedicated server at Rack Force — I did so enjoy tweaking it. But as I’ve said previously, the Internet is going to be taking a beating next year, and you all know that webloggers are now become a nice juicy target. (Anyone curious as to why I say next year’s going to be bad?)

I just don’t have the time to fight back the hordes. With the SPEWS blacklisting,not being able to use email with any confidence is also a continuing problem. However, I appreciate the professionalism and quality of support I’ve had with Rack Force.

(The problem with blacklisting is it can takes months to recover from what is a moment’s flick of a thoughtless switch. SPEWS is almost impossible to get removed from once added because of the distributed, non-accountability nature of the list. I know that Rack Force is trying, and I’ve tried, but I’ve basically been told by SPEWS, “tough titties”. )

I love Hosting Matters reseller software that allows me to add new Wayward Webloggers so easily! And the Waywarders are going to have fun with their new control panels. New toys. New buttons to push. New vistas to horizen or some such thing.

The move will be good. Be patient as things temporarily break.

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