Hands gloved, legs crossed at the knees

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I appreciated the folks that commented on the Gender Ghetto and G Quotient postings. I am lucky to have thoughtful readers.

I have to admit, though, that I am disappointed by the lack of feminine response to the writings. I received honest, interested, humorous, even slightly angry responses from men, but few women, other than terrific posts from Maria and Elaine, and a comment by NetWoman. I don’t value less the comments made by men, particulary the excellents one that have been made; but this was an issue about women, and if they’re not interested, why am I wasting my time or energy.

(Perhaps the women think this is nothing more than a way to generate links for myself. A hell of a situation when one can’t start a conversation — or try and start a conversation — and be seen as nothing more than a link whore.)

More likely though, most women believe that the issue is either not of interest, or that my bitchy, non-feminine ways are not the way to go for women to make an impact. I’ve been told that my strident ways are off-putting to the men, and the men have been kind enough to let me know that my bitching isn’t going to win points with them. All that I’m doing is feeding their ego, and not helping the cause of women. Perhaps they’re right.

Today’s woman, at least in the countries where women have an illusion of control over their lives, wants to get ahead by focusing on women’s positive contributions, rather than men’s oppressive behavior. You catch more flies with honey and all that rot.

I am not a modern woman I guess. Or perhaps I’ve read too much history and seen that rarely does change occur by appeasing those in control. However, I am also not one to throw my good time away on bad causes, so to the appreciations of one and all, I’m sure, this will be my last posting on women and weblogging and women and technology and women in the Western World.

Rather, I’ll focus on those women for whom the issue of equality is one of life and death, rather than trying not to be strident or to offend the nice men.

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