Just Shelley Weblogging

Burnt to a crisp

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I’m burnt to a crisp and have little to offer. No new whimsey such as the Tim Tam Scandal. No metablogging about journalism. And especially, no fighting the good fight.

(Not to mention that I’m faced with two immediate book deadlines.)

So, Forgive me, but I’m taking a short break.

In the meantime, there are excellent postings that follow through on the weblogger as journalist posting, including Jonathon’s: Just Say No and Dorothea’s Blogs and Journalism. And a Dave Winer survey.

There’s also excellent material related directly or indirectly to the Blog Burst posting (see Allan and Mike Golby).

(Update: Congratulations to AKMA on reaching tenure! Now that you’re safe, BibleBoy, why don’t you bring in a Navajo shaman to perform a Blessing Way on your office. Take that tenure out for a spin.)

Yesterday, instead of talking about the Blog Burst, perhaps I should have started a Blog Build instead – bringing together webloggers who see no shame in wanting to find the truth, to understand all sides, who aren’t interested in fixing blame, and who want to find a peace that’s not bought at the end of a gun or within the trigger of a bomb.

Wait a sec. I already have. And they’re listed to the left.

When reasonable people remain silent, only the mad and the foolish are heard.


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