But I don’t see that it’s only men

Philipp Lenssen has closed down the thread on the list of bloggers post. As he wrote:

Projecting whatever evil you see in the world (racism, sexism, homophobia, wars) on me/ this post is certainly an easier option than facing real issues. I’m only afraid it won’t help anyone.

I think everyone made their point by now, repeatedly, including me. I’m closing off this thread (see the forum rules that state it’s not OK to “make the same point over and over causing constantly repetitive posts”), but I invited Shelley Powers to write a guest post here on Sexism in Blogging, so expect this to be up in 1-2 weeks.

I’m writing a weblog post on Sexism in Blogging for the site, and I’ll also be publishing it here. I’m taking a couple of weeks because I want to think about what I write: it does no good to repeat myself, only to face the same filters we continue to face and have faced in the past. Google Blogoscope has greater reach than I do at this blog churned site, and I’m rather hoping for…well, what, I don’t know.

Right now, I really have to focus on the Adding Ajax book, and get it half way caught up so that the tech editors can be doing their thing while I finish the rest of the writing. As it is, I’ve missed my first deadline because of some personal stuff that came up and that ‘de-railed’ my focus for a time.

Did I happen to mention I have the most wonderful editor in the world? If you know Simon St. Laurent, I bet you agree with me. Now that I’ve embarrassed Simon, moving on…

I’m not taking a hiatus from the weblog while I attempt to catch up. Though I get frustrated at posts such as the one at Google Blogoscoped, I’ve come to re-discover that I do enjoy weblogging–not the least of which is it seemed like old times on the thread at Google Blogoscoped. I want to continue this odd hobby/unnatural fixation until I get tired again, and then probably move to a different URL, declare I’m going to ‘do it all differently’, leaving all my link cred behind so that I can bitch about it at some future time.

Long live blog churn.

Oh, and don’t forget: Cephalopodmas in 38 days. Have you started hanging your tentacles yet?

On the thirteenth day of Cephalopodmas,
Cthulhu gave to me
Thirteen Hapalochlaena,
Twelve ink sacs squirting,
Eleven Architeuthis,
Ten ammonites,
Nine tentacles strangling,
Vampyroteuthis infernalis,
Seven photophores a-flashing,
Six arms a-flaying,
Four snapping beaks,
Three suckers,
Two cuttlefish,
And Histioteuthis heteropsis.

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