Cat Friday blogging

It hit me yesterday about noon that what we all really needed was a dose of cat blogging. However, rather than disturb the little princess, otherwise known as Zoe, to take more photos of her, I thought I would go to the zoo and take photos of the big cats.

First up was the exhibit with this fine looking sun bear.

“Where are the cats”, I hollered.

I’m a cat.

“No, you’re a bear.”

I’m a cat. See? I have claws.

“Do you like catnip?”


“Do you like to play with mice before you kill and eat them?”

Eat a mouse? Ewwww! Gross! Okay I’m not a cat. But can I ask you something before you go?


Does this fur make me look fat? Can you see the line of my bikini underwear?

A bit further on, I came across this fine fellow, waiting to have his nose scratched.

“What’s your name, cutie”, I asked, as I stretched out to pat his nose.


“Where are the cats, Elvis?

I’m a cat.

“No, you’re a camel.”

No, I’m a cat. I’m covered with fur, and I have an adorable face.

“But what are those two huge lumps on your back.”

Fur balls. I have lots and lots and lots of fur balls.

“Ewwww! You just grossed me out, Elvis.”

Hee hee hee. See, told you I’m a cat.

From Elvis, I went to the new Penguin and Puffin Exhibit. There I met up with this handsome fellow, diving in and out of the water.

“Hi, I don’t suppose you know where the cats are, do you?”

I’m a cat *splash*

“Wow man, you almost got my camera. And no, you’re not a cat. You’re a penguin.”

Am not. I’m a cat. *splash*

“Geez, you’re going to ruin my camera with your playing. And you’re not a cat.”

Tell me something. Don’t cats like to play?

“Well, yes.”

And don’t they like to destroy things.

“Yes, that’s true. Cats do tend to destroy things.

Isn’t that camera of yours a ‘thing’?

“You got me there. But you’re in water. Cats don’t usually like water.”

I’m special. *splash*

Walking further, I arrived at the Seal display, and spotted this lovely on the rocks.

“Hey, where’s the cats.”

Strike a pose.

“No, that’s not what I asked. I asked where are the cats.”

Strike a pose.

“Oh, never mind.”

Strike a pose.

Eventually, I found the cats, but by this time, most had crawled off to wherever they go for their afternoon naps. Except for the cougar, napping in the sun on a rock near the roof of it’s enclosure.

“Finally, a cat.”

Damn straight, I’m a cat. And I want you to….

Saaaaay. What’s that jumping up and down screeching out ‘Look at me’ next to you? It looks tasty. Like a young pig I had once.

“Well, urh, it’s a child my cougar friend.”

A child, eh? Well, why don’t you take it out of the packaging and slip it into my cage.

I looked at the child, screaming, jumping up and down and yelling out its demands. And for a brief moment…

“Sorry, no can do. I mean, someone somewhere loves this kid.”

Most things are loved by someone, somewhere, lady. But a guy still has to eat.

“That sounds very philosophical.”

Hey, I’m a cat.

And there you have it, my Friday cat blogging post; posted on Saturday, true, but which is about cats, but also somewhat about the world with a little Elvis thrown in.

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