Disconnected a wee bit sooner

I guess I’m offline much sooner than expected, as my cable internet connection failed last night. Since I’m not ready yet for this, haven’t installed all I needed, and since I’m paid up until the 20th, a repairman is coming on Monday.

Now I’m at Panera, having a lovely Danish and latte, on a beautiful Saturday morning, using the free wireless.

I earned today’s Danish by walking around the zoo for over three hours yesterday. The place was surprisingly empty of folk, which is nice if you’re not necessarily comfortable with hordes of screaming kids, whining for their Moms and Dads to ‘carry me’ or ‘buy me something’ (from overheard conversations from the families that were there).

It was my first time seeing the new Penguin and Puffin exhibit and this alone makes the trip worthwhile. The zoo created an enclosed, ideal environment for the birds (cold), and then built the tanks so that you’re right next to them. In fact, it would seem that a favorite hobby of some of the birds is to splash the people. Flash photography is welcome and I tried to take some photos of one fine fellow, but every time I would move in close to the tank, he’d flip his wing and splash me. The attendant said he was playing with me, as I recoiled in horror, throwing my body between my new camera and the water.

At the cougar exhibit, a young girl, probably about 10 or 11 jumped up and down yelling at the cougar to, “Look at me! Look at me you stupid cat!”

My, but this Danish is good. So is the coffee. This disconnected thing could work out; after everything is installed, of course. But no worries, still plenty of posting. So don’t forget to look at me. Look at me.

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