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The shared weblog for the Burningbird Network Co-op members has been created, and first posting published. At this time, the site is still accessed by IP.

To get to this point, the following was installed:

Linux (7.3)
Apache web server (1.3.27)
MySQL (4.0)
Perl (5.6)
The DBI support for perl to MySQL
PHP 4.x
Movable Type 2.64

Websim handles almost all of the configuration, including finding and installing the support libraries for ImageMagick. The server is now fully configured for support of Movable Type 2.64, using MySQL.

Essential services have been setup to restart automatically if the server is re-booted, which should happen rarely.

Next up – nameserver, followed by “Linux for Poets: What’s in a name”

We be cookin’ now.

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Editing Comments

Archive including comments found at Wayback Machine

Yesterday’s jury duty was very dull. I was almost called in once, but a settlement was reached at the last minute. However, when they sent us home last night, they said we didn’t have to be in today. This is lucky because I’ve been out of sorts the last few days, including a deep ache in my joints, even in my hands. Since I had the day off anyway because of the jury duty, I was able to stay home, trying the alternate heat pad, ice pack treatment. No computer work, either, except for reading the weblogs, which sometimes isn’t a great idea at the best of times.

I went against my better judgment and walked into another RSS discussion today. What can I say? I can no more ignore these conversations than Dorothea can walk away from a discussion about grad school.

Today’s RSS debate began with a discussion associated with Dave Winer’s new PSS ‘idea’, the creation of which is the best reason I’ve seen for moving RSS and other weblog interoperability technologies to standards control. Or to another country, whichever comes first.

As I said, I went against my better judgment and made a comment about PSS in Sam Ruby’s weblog. This discussion degenerated as these discussions always do, and yes, I contributed my part to the degeneration. I slammed, was slammed in return. This isn’t unusual and wasn’t necessarily a disappointment — what I expect with a conversation around RSS.

What was the biggest disappointment was when Sam Ruby edited my comments.

I can’t think of anything worse than to edit other’s comments. I can see deleting abusive comments in weblogs, or editing them on the request of the person who wrote them, or banning someone who’s abusive — but not editing comments without permission. I’d rather all the words be deleted.

Changing the font to create strikethroughs, changing the words or the order—these are unacceptable. By any standard. To do so is to manipulate my words to work against me, and there is no honor in this. None.

I won’t comment at Sam’s weblog. I won’t read Sam’s weblog. And I’m very disappointed at both Sam and others who accept such actions without batting an eye.


edited comment


Technology Weblogging

On the lighter side

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Mr. Golby took time out from his *site redesign to stop by and leave a comment, but the comment window caused his browser to freeze.

Have others of you experienced this problem? Opening the comment window causing your browser to freeze or crash, or the page not opening?

Leave a comment, let me know.

*(I can see! I can read! … Is that what he’s been writing all along? I though he was selling Buster Browns…and some kind of cereal…)