Changes to RSS Validator MT templates

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

If you’re a Movable Type user and are using the templates provided with the new RSS Validator, be aware of the following line:




This will include your entire post within the feed. I didn’t pay that much attention to the template or the generated output until this weekend when News is Free started pulling in photos from one of my stories. I don’t mind News is Free accessing the photos or reproducing the entire essay, but I imagine that it slowed their page loads, as well as added to my bandwidth use.

And I’ve never liked the concept of full posts showing up in aggregators. Never have. Never will. If people can’t do with just the excerpts then that’s just too bloody bad.

I’ve since removed this line from both templates. The generated results still validate. You might also remove the content namespace declaration too (though I wouldn’t worry about that unless you’re comfortable mucking around in RSS or RDF).

Update Two other discussions related to this issue in the Neighborhood: Shannon and Phil.

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