Cleaning House

I’m wanting to cut my online costs, including moving my account to a smaller one. Another cost saving move is to eliminate most of my domains.

Most don’t have any page rank, but a few do. One I’ve offered to someone, but I have a couple of others that might make good weblogging homes for new webloggers.

One is, which would be a good home for a philosophy or science weblog. Another is, which would be good for a tech. Both of these currently have a page rank of 7. The last few that have page rank are and The one would be nice for a word smith, language enthusiastic. As for–eh, at least it’s unique.

I’m keeping, of course, as well as and possibly

If you’re a person who has thought about starting a weblog, and you think one of these domains would be a good fit, let me know. Note these would be for personal weblogs, only, though I imagine there’s not much I can do if you take it and then use it as you will. The domains are free, though if there is a transfer cost you’ll need to pay it on your end.

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