Comfort Food Posts

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

No matter what our culture or country, each of us has our own favorite comfort foods. These are the foods we eat when we’re not feeling well, or when we’re feeling lonely or sad.

My own favorite comfort foods are quite prosaic: macaroni and cheese, chicken stew with dumplings, chicken pot pie, and egg custard or Crème Brûlée. When all is well with the world there are other foods I love, but it’s these foods that I return to, again and again, when I’m out of sorts.

I was enjoying AKMA’s posting about Mr. Magoo, and the Christmas Carol, and the cartoon adaption of Cyrano, when I thought to myself that I needed to mark this post somehow so I can find it again easily in the future. Then when I needed a little cheering I could go to posts like this one and others like it, to read them again and feel connected to the author and comforted by the writing.

To prevent the loss of such posts, I’ve started recording my favorites in an RDF/RSS file, here, accessed through a page, which I’ll link to my weblog. I’ll be adding to it from time and time as new ones are written, and as I’m able to rediscover ones lost to the past.

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