Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

There seems to be tentative reaching out by webloggers to one another, at least in my virtual neighborhood. Is there a new evolution in weblogging — a desire to extend contact beyond the ephemeral?

I’ve met people through weblogging who I really like. When they’re hurting or having a difficult time, I want nothing more than to reach out and give them a big hug, show them I’m there for them. Hold their hand and gently pat their back. Tease them softly until I receive a return smile.

However, I live miles away from most of the people with whom I’ve become connected. All I can do is send emails, read their posts, leave comments, talk on the phone, and write to this weblog for them.

How frustrating — we’re socially at the stage where we need instantaneous transportation, but we’re stuck with technology that can, at best, move us about within 24 hours.

What if I have to positively, absolutely, get there overnight? Can I FedEx myself?

I guess I’ll just have to settle for emails, reading posts, leaving comments, phone calls and writing notes here. Virtual hugs and cybernetic pats on the back.

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