How uncanny that just when I decide to disconnect, my cable internet connectivity bites the bullet. Because of this my posting may become irregular much sooner. A word of advice: if you’re considering DSL or cable for internet connectivity, think twice about cable. Or maybe just reconsider getting the connection, regardless of the technique.

I need to do a new topic post on IT Kitchen, this one on weblogging technology. Yes, this is still going on, thanks to a few folks who have said they would write something when they can. I’ll also be writing though I have been sidetracked recently into helping another group–an effort that ended up being one of those ‘bad energy places’ I talked about last week.

What I would like to do at the Kitchen is start a page at the wiki and have users provide feedback to the weblog tool developers about what they would and would not like to see in a tool. Beyond comment spam, and we know this continues to be a problem. For instance, I’ve heard people say they don’t like MT’s edit window, nor WordPress’ edit space, but I’m not sure of the specifics. Is it because there is some HTML exposure? The appearance? The fact that it’s remote?

However, the Kitchen wiki has not been attracting any activity, so contrary to everyone going gah gah over wikis lately, as witness in the new article at O’Reilly, I’m not sure that a wiki is the best way to get people involved; or maybe it’s use doesn’t suit this particular effort. Still, we’ll give it a shot.

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