I must admit to being impressed with Amazon’s new download service. I’ve already made my first list of wishlist songs and albums, at prices that seem much more affordable than iTunes.

Speaking of Apple losing its gloss, I was scanning the jabber today about iPhones being ‘bricked’, yet another instance where a noun becomes a verb. It’s a good word, though–deliberately turning a useful electronic gadget into a useless ‘brick’. It’s not something I worry over much about because a) I won’t buy an iPhone and b) it’s unlikely I’ll be buying another iPod.

My iPod’s battery is dying, and it irks me that the only way I can replace the battery is getting out my old soldering iron, or sending it in to Apple and paying $65.00 dollars and getting a re-furbished replacement back. This isn’t what I expect when I spend that kind of money, especially when other MP3 players are a fifth the price.

Don’t need another cellphone, either, because when the cellphone contract comes up in February, it’s being terminated and the cellphone I have donated to whatever organization wants to reclaim it. Don’t need a cellphone, don’t want one. Think of the money I save that can be used to buy music.

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