Creative Commons and RSS Syndication

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I am applying some pushback in regards to RSS and the Creative Commons License over at the RSS Development Group discussion group.

My original statement:

I’ve already incorporated this into my weblog template and into my PostContent system for weblog resources. However, there is no defined semantics defining the understanding how licensing is applied to RSS feeds. For instance, is the license applied to the feed or the source? If the feed, how does the CCL attached the feed conflict with implied consent of the data considering that RSS feeds are assumed to be aggregated and potentially published? If the feed has excerpts only, wouldn’t this be overridden by fair use laws? If the feed has all the content, does the license apply to the content as feed or to the content separate from the feed?

How is a conflict resolved between a license in a feed and a license within the actual resource itself? Does the license in the resource take precedence?

Just because the CCL is RDF/XML, doesn’t mean we should run out an incorporate it into every existing RDF datastore: FOAF, RSS, and so on.

Good discussion. If you’re interested in CCL and syndication feeds, or impacts of licensing on aggregated material, or even a peek at the confusion that can result when tech and law are thrown together, you might be interested in checking out the discussion. Technical background not required.

Hopefully, some fo the Creative Commons folks will also check this out and get into the discussion.

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