RDF Browser

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Thanks to 0xDECAFBAD for pointing out another amazing RDF product from the HP Semantic Lab – Brownsauce.

Brownsauce is based on the Jena Java API and uses the lightweight Java web server, Jetty, to serve the application pages. Or, if you prefer, you can install it into your own Tomcat server. The only requirement is Java support, and there is no installation and configuration required to work with it. I’ve successfully used it without problems in Windows 2000, Mac OS 10.2, and Linux.

Brownsauce translates RDF into human-consumable content, including separating nested resources into separate pages, linked to the parent statement. Additionally, clicking on any of the predicates (properties) opens a page with information about the predicate, polled from the associated RDF Schema file.

One very slick application. A must for any RDF-er.

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