Curly brackets or braces

This one came up during the tech edit and now during the copy edit on my last book: the use of “curly bracket” as compared to “curly braces” or “brace”.

I have used the term “curly bracket” for decades, and have seen the term used in other programming contexts. Wikipedia, though not the definitive source of information on a topic, also seems to promote curly bracket over curly brace. In addition, Wikipedia and other sources also point out that the curly part of “curly braces” is redundant, because there are no other braces but curly ones.

So which is the proper term? When you see “curly bracket” do you itch to take editing pencil to “bracket”, to replace with “brace”? Are you confused when you see the word “brace” used in a programming context? Or paired with the “curly”?

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