Data Model – Final

Due to recent emails accusing me of not playing well with others, barging in, being difficult, and other really joyful things such as the following:

Where do you get off barging into this list and pissing all over
everything? You were invited, presumably, because many people value
your opinion. But don’t think you can get away with your usual stunts
of recklessly flaming everyone and then apologizing later. Save it for
your blog.

I will not be working with any of the so-called ‘team’ members, those who believe that if you don’t go along, then you’re not part of the program. And you know who the fuck you are.

But I will be watching those who do – and I will not stay the fuck stay silent either. Go buy a cookie cutter if that’s what you want, and stop wasting mine and everyone else’s time.

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