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Debate at the eye of the needle

As noted yesterday, Jonathon had suggested that if I was interested in a debate about Iraq, I should focus on Steven Den Beste:

Although I don’t have any interest in discussing an invasion of Iraq on my weblog, it occurs to me Bb—if you’ll excuse the gratuitous advice—that your time might be more constructively spent debating the issues with Den Beste, who writes well, is not patronising, listens carefully, and links to opposing viewpoints.

He specifically mentions a couple of Den Beste’s postings such as one about an invasion and international lawAlan Cook suggests before I do, though, I should review the posts by Demosthenes, suggesting as a starting point this post.

First let me say that not only is my headache of yesterday not gone, it’s worse. To the point where I can’t even read Demosthenes’ white on black weblog postings. In addition, trying to follow this debate thread as it wound it’s way through several posts (with references to side material as support for specific debate points), would be nearly impossible if I was well, much less sick.

Which returns me to what is most likely a better use of my time at this point — working on my RDF book and finishing ThreadNeedle.

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