Connecting Technology

Debate continues?

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Instead of writing a new post, I updated the Bombs away posting to reflect new view, opinions, what have you.

I also gave my opinion of the Coders Only Club (COC), this tendency on the part of some elite technologists to respond to expressed concerns and arguments with exhortations to a) deliver code; b) stop practicing stop energy; or c) variations of create your own softare and/or join the organization and help from within, then.

Can one only discuss RSS or other technologies if one delivers RSS aggregagors? Can one only express concerns about Creative Commons if one is willing to join Creative Commons? And isn’t asking questions, or even expressing criticisms considered part of the growth equation?

If the only way I can give opinions is by being “one” of you, fuck it. I’m not interested. I don’t like members only clubs. If I write software for people to use its because it’s something I want to do, not to become part of this ‘technology elite’.

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