Debe Bell update: Guilty

Just a quick update, to finish out earlier stories on Debe Bell and the Six Bells Rabbitry.

Debe Bell was found guilty of 35 counts of animal abuse.

Surprisingly, some of the rabbits were hearty enough to survive, and once they were nursed back to health, they were readied for adoption through the Foothills Animal Shelter. However, (clarification) the Jeffco DA’s office says twenty of them were dead, including a number of animals found in a farm freezer.

Although necropsies on the dead animals suggested that they had experienced pain and suffering before expiring, the jury considering the case ruled Bell not guilty in their death. But that still left 35 counts of animal cruelty on which she was convicted, with each one bringing a potential eighteen months in jail.

Bell had said only a few rabbits were dead. Truth will out.

I wonder what those who have been defending her will say about these facts?

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