Different buttons

I love the magic corners on my PowerBook. I love the fact that if I send my mouse to that corner, all instances (windows) of whatever application currently have focus get displayed in bitty windows, but if I swing it over to this corner, everything with an open window gets displayed. And lets now forget that down here, the windows are swept out and down and I have direct access to the Desktop.

With Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4), I have this Dashboard stuff, so swooping my mouse over to the top-right opens up the Dashboard, and if my iTunes is playing, the little Dashboard widget shows what’s currently playing — not to mention what the weather is outside, and so on.

I was playing with this today when my roommate came in to drop something off and asked me what I was doing. I showed him, swinging my mouse around as things opened and closed–asking him isn’t it the coolest? He looked at it, nodded indifferently, and said, “Sure”.

I looked up at him for a moment, and then opened up this site that Joseph Duemer pointed out on Friday.

“Ah, that’s great! No wait, scroll down more.”

“Look at that! That’s so cute!”


“What is that! HaHa!”

“That’s so cool! Can you send me that link?”

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