Digital Genres conference

I wanted to point out what could be a potentially interesting conference in Chicago, May 30-31: Digital Genres Conference. According to Alex Golub, the focus of the conference is:

In 1924 Gilbert Seldes’ The 7 Lively Arts made one of the earliest and most powerful arguments that popular genres of entertainment such as jazz and cinema deserved the same critical attention afforded the fine arts – a view that is now widely accepted. This conference seeks to do today for digital genres what Seldes did for the lively arts eighty years before.

It’s nice to see a conference in the mid-west rather than East or West coast. And the topic doesn’t sound like it’s been done to death.

I, unfortunately won’t be attending. In fact, I won’t be attending any conferences or meet-ups this year. I even turned down doing a presentation a O’Reilly’s Open Source conference, which was a bit of an ouch – I would have enjoyed being there.

However, less gadabouting  means more writing and pics, right? Always a silver lining.

(Thx to Dorothea for link)

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